High Quality Pictures (Finally!! :D) and More Graphics!

I’m finally starting to add High Quality pictures to the gallery! High quality pictures are ones with very good resolution, often above 1200 x 1200 pixels. You can vote on what HQ’s you want to see and request some to be put in the gallery in the Pictures Chat on the Forums. You can check out where all the High Quality Pictures will be added here and you can check out the ones added today from Josh and Brendan at TRL here.

The TRL ones are funny, because you can see Josh has marker all over his arm, which you couldn’t really tell in the smaller pics. 😆

These HQ pics have been on Josh Hutcherson Source first, so if you post them elsewhere, PLEASE link back and credit josh-hutcherson.com!

And thanks again to Josh-Fan on the forum for donating 3 more signatures to the graphics page.

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