Rare Pictures in Gallery Now!

There hasn’t been any Josh news lately, so to keep you all going, I’ve added some rare pictures to the gallery. Thanks to Breezy for sending these in. 🙂 There are some from Josh’s vacation in Italy. One from on the set of Firehouse Dog. Two new pictures are from Josh at a Toys R Us Event. There’s also an unknown candid, which I’d say was from the Super Models Unlimited event, but I’m not sure…Enjoy!

8 Comments on “Rare Pictures in Gallery Now!”

  1. The one with the waffle is BEYOND cute!


    Also, whens the new layout coming?
    I’ve been looking forward to it

  2. Please update the video section cause Popstar! just uploaded a new video about josh!
    Its really cute too 🙂

    Sorry for using the comment box for stuff like this..

    BTW cute pictures!

  3. Thanks for the tip Lander! I dont regularly check places for vids like Popstar, so if theres anymore it would be great if you guys could let me know 😛


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