Officially Josh

Josh has quite a few online social media to keep in touch with fans and you can get news updates in a variety of different ways (the best way, however, would be to visit us for updates! Hee hee.) The below list was compiled and verified as of April 2011. (Looking for his fanmail address?)

Official Instagram@JHutch1992
This is Josh’s official and verified Instagram account. Any others claiming to be him are fake.

Official WebsiteJosh’s Official Site
This is Josh’s official website. He does not run or maintain it, but everything on there is true and factual.

Official Twitter@JHutch1992
This is his official and verified Twitter account; it isn’t used very much and hasn’t had much activity since August 2010.

Official Facebook PageJoshHutchersonFans at Facebook
Confirmed from his official website, “liking” this Facebook fanpage will allow you to get instant updates about Josh and his career through to your newsfeed.

Official Youtube PageJawsSweetEyes at Youtube
Josh only ever used this three times and uploaded three videos, all from 2009.

Official MyspaceJosh Hutcherson at Myspace
This is Josh’s official profile. He does not have any profiles on any other sites, including youtube, facebook, and others. This has been confirmed by Josh himself.

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