Seventeen’s Hot Guys Special

This Kentucky boy is unfailingly polite, tight with his family, and a complete sucker for romance. Are you in love yet?

17: We want to ask you the same thing we asked Liam: If you guys were fighting over a girl, who would win?
Josh: Let’s be honest, his Australian accent kills it. It’s an unfair advantage! I’d give the lady points straight to Liam. Liam is epic, man.

17: In Hunger Games, your character is totally in love with Katniss, even when she’s cold to him. Can you relate?
Josh: I feel like every relationship I get into ends up being like that! I’m someone who can fall in love at the drop of the hat. My parents raised me to be very accepting of other people, so because of that, I feel like I might be overly accepting of girls. If a girl shows any interest, I’m like, ‘Yes! I love you, you’re amazing!’

17: Well what about your Journey 2 costar, Vanessa HUdgens? You’re dating, right?
Josh: Oh, boy. I don’t kow if ‘dating’ is the right word. She’s awesome. We love being together. When I first met her, we just really hit it off. We could be goofy and silly and not worry about anything except having fun. I adore her.

17: Do you have a ‘type’?
Josh: I like girls I can have deep conversations with. The meaning of life and existence – you can go on forever about that stuff. When girls play the ditzy-dumb thing, I’m like, ‘Oh, God, please stop.’

The perfect date is going to the beach, sitting under the stars, and listening to music. The cliches are cheesy, but I love them!

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