Josh Hutcherson Interview


Hey! Please introduce yourself!
Hi! I’m Josh Hutcherson!

How did you get into acting?
I started acting when I was 9 through a local agency in Kentucky which is where I’m from. I got a local agency through the yellow pages and after sending in a picture of me, they decided they’re be my agent so I started out there and my acting coach we should go to California for Pilot Season. I had no idea what that was but I was really excited because I loved acting and I wanted to continue doing it and to get a chance to go to California was the best thing! So my parents took me out there and let me try it out for one year and it just took off from there and I’ve been doing it for almost 5 years now!

What are the best and worst parts of acting?
My favourite part of acting is that I get to play so many characters! That’s why I love it! I just can totally pretend all day on set that I’m not myself and I’m all these different characters. It’s really fun for me! Getting to travel to all these awesome locations is really cool too! One of the bad parts of it though is that I can be away from home a lot and I don’t get lots of time to spend with my friends and family. But when I do go home, I’m just a normal kid, I’m on the soccer team, I go to the movies, I go to the mall, lots of normal things.

Who is the coolest person you’ve met through acting?
Let’s see…there are so many people! One of my favourite was when I was filming Zathura, the guy who played the astronaut, Dax Shepherd. He became really close to me and we used to go to this restaurant and each get the quarter pounder and have competitions to see who could eat it the fastest. He always won though because he had a bigger mouth.

Who would you love to work with?
I want to work with Jake Gyllenhaal because I love his acting and I love the way he’s taken his career path. He’s done movies that aren’t necessarily blockbuster movies. He’s done those too but he’s also done smaller films with more challenging roles and that’s what I want to do so I’d love to work with him.


Best moment on set
I’ll remember when I was filming Journey 3D before the holidays and one of the scenes was that I was helping Brendan Fraser who plays my uncle in the movie, pull him up off this cliff and I did this on purpose. I reached down and give him the biggest wedgie ever! And they got it on camera! It was the best! But the bad thing was that he got me back one day when we were filming.

Worst moment on set
When I got the wedgie from him. It was really embarrassing! It felt like it went on forever but it was awesome yet horrible!

Most embarrassing moment
Getting the wedgie… lol

Weird and random moment on set
When we were filming Bridge to Terabithia, it was more embarrassing than weird but anyway, because one time we were on these harnesses with wires and they lifted me up and let me hang there and my pants fell down!! I had some shorts under that you wear under your soccer shorts but still my pants fell down and it was so embarrassing and weird because I don’t know how they fell down!!!

Have you ever had any crushes on somebody on set?
I never have really. I become close friends with people on set but I’ve never had a crush

Who was your favourite co-actor?
I loved working with Dax Shepherd. I think he was my favourite so far.

Which was your favourite role to play?
I liked playing Jesse a lot in Bridge to Terabithia because he had a lot that happened in his life and getting to play a character that had such a complexity was hard and my favourite so far.

Have you ever had a similar personality to a character you played?
My character in Zathura, Walter, is pretty similar because I have a little brother and so did Walter so I can relate to him a lot. He’s very sporty just like me so I can see him and me being good friends!



Car: 1969 Camero
Animal: Dog
Dog type: Boxer
Colour: blues and greens
Food: this is really weird but its macaroni and cheese with sweet peas and apple sauce all mixed together! It’s really good! You must try it!
Soda: Mountain Dew
Candy: Nerds!!
Chocolate: Mars bars!
Ice Cream Flavour: Chocolate
TV show: all the stuff on MTV
Website: I go to a lot of sports websites so like tvssports or something like that
Book: Eragon
Movie: the first Pirates of the Caribbean
Actor: Jake Gyllenhaal
Singer: I listen to a lot of rap and hip hop so Rich Boy and Little Wayne
Restaurant: Subway!

This or That’s

McDonalds or Burger King

Blue or Green

Computer or TV

TV or books

PC’s or Macs
Macs for sure!

Burgers or Fries

Coke or Pepsi

Beach or mountain

Forest or field

Sheep or cows

Dogs or cats

Vintage camera or digital camera
Vintage camera [films]

Sky diving or bungee jumping
Bungee jumping

Sky diving or cliff diving
Cliff diving


What do you look for in a girl?
Fun and outgoing are the most important things! Pretty is good too! But even if someone is pretty, you can’t just sit and stare at each other so it’s good to have something to talk to about. I’d like someone who’s interested in the same things as I am a.k.a. sports, someone I can watch sports with, someone who wants to get out and do stuff.

Would you ever date an actress or do you prefer someone who doesn’t like the limelight?
I would if the right person came along but I’d rather have someone who’s not into the business and just wants to hang out.

Are you single?
I’m not actually. I have a girlfriend who’s back home in Kentucky.

Best date
I like going to the movies and going bowling. I just like hanging out like going to the pool. Just taking it easy is good for me, like anywhere really, I’m cool with it.

Worst date
Get to a movie and it’s sold out and you have nowhere to go and then wanted to go bowling and it’s a 2 hour wait and you end up doing nothing. That’s pretty bad!

Completely Random

If you were a super hero, who would you be?
I’d be a super man because he’s a man of steel! But his costume is kind of lame…so with a different costume!

Describe your best holiday ever!
My past holiday was New Years. I celebrated New Years down in Disney World and it was the best! We were out in this court yard and it had a DJ and a disco ball and it was a lot of fun!

Worst holiday ever.
Just family holidays. Not immediate family though, like the whole family because there are always some kind of arguments between relatives.

Tell me random facts about you!
I used to be obsessed with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when I was younger. So obsessed that every time I’d walk over a drain, I’d bend over and say hi turtles!
I shattered my elbow when I was 6 years old, trying to show off by doing the monkey bars backwards. I fell off and shattered my elbow.
I got in trouble in my pre school because I caught a little mole which was trying to bury into the ground. I caught it with my friend and took it to my teachers and I got into loads of trouble for that.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I want to go to Europe, anywhere in Europe because I’ve never been there before.

If you could do anything, what would you do?
Anything? Wow… I want to spend a day on the beach in Hawaii! I really want to go there and I’ve never been before! So I’d definitely go there!!

What are your hobbies?
I love playing sports and that’s all I do when I’m home. I play football, basketball, soccer etc! It’s my biggest hobby! Also I do remote control cars! I make them from scratch and drive them around!

What is your favourite sport?

Favourite type of music?
Hip hop and rap

Are you home schooled?
Yeah I am.

Do you find it annoying that you don’t get the same experiences like every other kid by going to high school or doesn’t it bother you?
It does matter but I think the pros out way the cons in this situation. If I was going to public school, I’d be going in and out and in and out and that wouldn’t be good for me and also it’d be a distraction for others, having a classmate who was constantly coming in and out of class. It’d be more of an issue than a good thing. I’m also a year ahead so if I go back, that might throw me off a bit.

Have you ever had a weird reaction from a fan?
I have! One time I was at a local radio station and they set up a small booth at a mall for me to sign pictures etc and they were raising money for this cause and this one girl came up to me and she couldn’t talk! I didn’t know what to say or do! She just didn’t say anything so I was like so embarrassed! And then one other time at the same place actually, this one woman and a couple of her friends [older] and this lady just comes up to me and says oh my daughter loves you in the movies blah blah blah and her friend is like, I don’t know who he is…so the woman tells her what I’ve acted in and then she’s still like to me, I don’t know who you are. I was just like, uh hi! I’m josh! It was really random and embarrassing!! I didn’t know what to say!

What are your concerns for the world?
Where do I start? I’m concerned with our current leader of the US…I think everyone in the world is, including the Americans! I think we have problems with him but that’s going to change soon so I’m glad. I also think Global Warming is a big issue and poverty as well! In Africa especially. Definitely needs to be worked on.

What’s the nicest thing a fan has ever said to you?
It’s actually a mum from a fan and she wrote to me this long letter thanking me for being such a good role model and not being like most of the Hollywood actors and all the bad stuff they get into. She thanked me and said she truly enjoyed my movies and she looked forward to future stuff. It was just the most heart felt letter I’ve ever gotten and I was just like…wow thanks! It was really cool!

Do you feel pressure on yourself that people look up to you and that you’re a role model?
Not really because I just live my life and whatever happens, happens and everything has a reason for happening. I feel like everything I do, for some reason I do it. I like being a role model and it will always be in my mind but I just do what I do and it just happens to be a good thing.

Do you have a myspace for fans?
I have one myspace but I’m almost never on it. My aunt runs it for me. It’s

How can fans contact you?
They can go to and find out how to send me actual mail but also post on my message boards and guest books! I can’t get a chance to read and reply everything but I read as much as I can but I do blog once a week and if I see a question popping time and time again, I post an answer on the FAQ. I read and reply to my actual fanmail and I send autographed pictures etc!

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