Detention (2011)

Directed by Joseph Kahn
Produced by Josh Hutcherson, Richard Weager, MaryAnne Tanedo
Written by Mark Palermo
Starring Josh Hutcherson, Dane Cook, Spencer Locke, Shanley Caswell, Aaron David Johnson
Cinematography Christopher Probst
Studio Detention Films, LLC
Distributed by TBD
Release date March 13, 2011 (SXSW)
Budget 10 million

It’s another year at Grizzly Lake High School for Riley (Shanley Caswell), a clever but cynical social outcast who is the unrequited love object of Sander (Aaron David Johnson), who is even less popular and more sexually frustrated than she is. Meanwhile, ironically named hipster Clapton (Josh Hutcherson) is head over heels for Ione (Spencer Locke), a beautiful but self-obsessed cheerleader. All four are waiting out their final year of high school, but it’s anyone’s guess if they’ll ever see graduation, as a serial killer known as CinderHella is on the loose and preying on Grizzly Lake’s student body. The principal (Dane Cook) is certain CinderHella is a disgruntled student and figures he can keep the prom from turning into a bloodbath by putting the likely suspects in all-day detention on the day of the big dance, but you already know that’s not going to go as he planned. Meanwhile, various students struggle with shape shifting, contract flesh eating diseases, discover time travel and fall victim to a gang making porn videos on school grounds.

> Financed largely by Joseph Kahn himself, filming began in Los Angeles, CA August 2010 and finished shooting October 2010.
> “This is the best apocalyptic fantasy, horror, science fiction, action- thriller, body swapping, time-traveling teen romantic comedy that we have ever screened. The pace, energy, and awesomeness Joseph Kahn has achieved in ‘Detention’ is completely mind-blowing in the best way possible,” said Sony exec Scott Shooman.
> The film recently won the Youth Jury prize for best FutureWave Feature Film at the Seattle International Film Festival.

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