Carmel (2012)

Directed by Lawrence Roeck
Produced by Michael-Ryan Fletchall and Craig Comstock
Written by Carlos De Los Rios
Starring Josh Hutcherson, Hayden Panettiere, Lauren Bacall, Alfred Molina, Dina Eastwood, Billy Boyd
Music by James Dooley
Cinematography Walt Lloyd
Editing by Michel Aller
Studio Experience Media Studios
Release Date March 2012
Running time 96 minutes

Joshua Mason (Josh Hutcherson) is a troubled 15-year-old who is abandoned and finds himself in Carmel, California. Being an incredible art prodigy, Joshua gets introduced to the world of art forgery. While there, he befriends a retired artist named Annemarie Sterling (Lauren Bacall) who recalls the early days of Carmel artists and their legacy of artistic integrity.

> Carmel marks Lawrence Roeck’s debut as a feature film director.
> The film’s 24-day shooting schedule finished on location in Carmel, California in February 2009, and included Carmel locals in several key scenes.

They’re doing some late editing and stuff like that, and actually it just got bought by a different investor, so they’re doing a whole bunch of different technical stuff right now. It’s a really cool project about a teen who is an art prodigy and basically has been abandoned, and he gets taken under his wing by an art forgery guy who forges million-dollar paintings.

We got signed onto that project really early on. We got sent the script — it was a good script and had a lot of heart behind it and was something I wanted to be a part of, and it was super ultra low-budget. There were only a few guys involved, and they are like, “Hey, this is what we are making, it might be kind of cool. See if you like it,” and I loved it. So we came on board and I got a whole bunch of the crew that I’d worked with before on different films and I brought them on board, so I kind of helped them get the movie crewed up and helped cast it and stuff.

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