Josh calls into Kentucky Sports Radio

Josh and his mother called into Kentucky Sports Radio yesterday morning to talk about the Cats, causing tweens across the Bluegrass to collapse in front of their radios in a heap of emotions. Josh was born in Union, Kentucky, and is a lifelong Cat fan, “going back generations.” Hutcherson was the celebrity “Y” at the Kentucky/Louisville game in December, and told Matt that it was the highlight of his career:

“That was my single most proud moment that I’ve had as a side effect of my acting career. Absolutely. That’s bigger than any award that I’ve won, anything. That’s literally, it’s always been an absolute dream of mine,” Hutcherson said. “And it was at a Louisville game, too. It was against Louisville! It was a dream.”

By now, you’ve heard that Hutcherson’s Hunger Games co-star Jennifer Lawrence is a Louisville fan. Matt asked Josh what if he and Jennifer talked a lot of trash during the Kentucky/Louisville game last week, and he said no because Jennifer isn’t a true fan like him, you, and me: ”She’s not a fan like I am. She’s a fan by association.”

In fact, Jennifer got so tired of hearing Josh talk trash that she gave him her dad’s phone number so he could banter back and forth with him, the true Louisville fan in the family.

Josh said that he’s not worried at all about Wisconsin: “I’m not so scared of Wisconsin. I don’t know why exactly, I think we’re playing really good right now and I feel Wisconsin’s not going to be a big problem for us.” He added that he thinks Kentucky can also knock off Florida to win #9: “With all the momentum we have coming into in now, we have a good shot at winning it all. I really do believe that.”

Listen to what else Josh had to say when he called into Kentucky Sports radio yesterday: