Josh’s advice to his younger self

If you had the opportunity to give advice to your younger self, what would it be? Well, you may get some ideas from Josh Hutcherson.

After 21 years of experiences, Josh imparts his wisdom on us and it’s the perfect reminder to stay true to ourselves.

1. Do things because you want to do them. “I was bullied, especially when I first said I wanted to be an actor, kids thought I was weird.”

2. Be motivated by passion, not fear. “I want to drive forward with what I want to be doing next.”

3. Heartbreak doesn’t mean failure. “It’s a learning process.”

4. Good friends are worth the wait. “Once you get to that place where you find people you connect with — it’s so much better.”

5. It’s a great thing to be different. “The difference is what leads to greatness.”

Watch the video below for more of Hutcherson’s advice and check out more of Josh’s amazing organization: Straight But Not Narrow.