Jennifer and Josh talk ‘Catching Fire’ Q&A

The two stars of ‘Catching Fire’ recently talked to about Katniss and Peeta’s relationship, what part of the games were the most intense to film and a little rumor about Lawrence bringing her Oscar on set. Check it out below!

The romance between Katniss and Peeta because it comes so perfectly … throughout the movie. Do you agree?
Hutcherson: “I actually don’t agree. I think it’s been a really kind of tumultuous, kind of up and down rollercoaster sort of situation. I think their love is far from a perfect coming of, you know.”
Lawrence: “Maybe perfect for the film, the way that it develops.”
Hutcherson: “Maybe perfect for the movie, but for them I think they could imagine it a lot differently, especially Peeta.”
Lawrence: “I think that if Peeta and Katniss were here they would disagree that it was perfect. ‘This is hard.'”

What part of the games this year is most intense?
Lawrence: “I also just think the entire idea of the games, you know, that these aren’t new tributes like in the first ‘Hunger Games’ it’s everybody’s first time, these are all people who have won. They’re very dangerous and the ravine itself is a weapon. If I had to choose a segment to not be a part of…”
Hutcherson: “Monkeys. Right?”
Lawrence: “Monkeys, but there’s also the fog and we mustn’t forget about the wave. How can you survive a wave?”
Hutcherson: “You climb a tree or something.”
Lawrence: “You can run away from a monkey, you can run away from fog, you can’t run away from a giant wave. You can surf it. Surf’s up, brah.”

It’s been four years since you first began ‘The Hunger Games.’ Is that weird to think about?
Lawrence: “I didn’t know that.”
Hutcherson: “They told me it was the rest of my life. It’s only four years? Oh Ok!”
Lawrence: “It really flies by. I know it sounds like such a cliche, but we’ve really had so much fun that I really don’t want them to end. I look forward to them every time I finish another movie.”
Hutcherson: “We should just like, find another franchise of all those and just start doing them together and all the same people.”
Lawrence: “And all the same crew and everybody. It’s such a great group.”
Hutcherson: “We’ll come up with a new franchise idea.”

Jennifer, I heard you carried your Oscar statuette throughout the set with you? Is that true?
Lawrence: “Yes, I did. Why wouldn’t I? No.”
Hutcherson: “Well, because it’s a horrible thing to do.”
Lawrence: “Oh my God. Is that going to turn into a real rumor?”
Hutcherson: “I hope so.”
Lawrence: “Let’s try it. Let’s see if it gets into People [magazine]. Yes, I did. As a matter of fact I did.”
Hutcherson: “It made us all feel really inferior. I think that is what she was exactly going for.”
Lawrence: “Well, that was the idea. That was the idea.”

This is on track to be one of the biggest film opening ever. I think it could be the biggest opening. Do you agree?
Hutcherson: “No! I don’t know, the biggest opening ever? No. I don’t think that’s actually possible.”
Lawrence: “There’s been ‘Titanic,’ there’s been ‘Avatar,’ there’s been James Cameron.
Hutcherson: “James Cameron has happened so no. I mean we obviously we hope it’s going to be good and the first one was beyond our dreams successful. So, if this one could do a small percentage of the last one did even, I think I’d be so happy.”
Lawrence: “And we’re not even saying that because of the money, honestly.”
Hutcherson: “Really, it’s so true.”

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  1. I have a question for Josh:

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  2. I love how they didn’t even answer the question about it being weird to talk about hunger games. ????

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