“Detention” on Blu-Ray/DVD on July 31

Whether you want to describe it as high-school on crack, teenagers on an unhealthy diet of Red Bull and whip-its, or just your the typical growing pains living in a modern world that moves too fast for its own good, Joseph Kahn‘s Detention looks like a hyper mix of horror and comedy set against the backdrop of academia. Last month saw a limited theatrical run for the film. Though a majority of us weren’t given the opportunity to catch the Josh Hutcherson (The Hunger Games) and Dane Cook film in theaters, all of us will now be able to see if the film gets straight “A’s” on its film report card on July 31 when it heads to DVD and Blu-ray. No info has been released yet regarding bonus materials. High Def Disc News does confirm the release date so go ahead and mark it in your ‘trapper keeper’ that you have plans that night. Just make sure to do all your homework first before checking it out.