Josh’s interview with Instyle Magazine

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He’s a Real-Life Peeta
“I’ve never connected with a character more than with Peeta,” said Hutcherson. “Like him, I’m not going to compromise my integrity for anybody.” And, he can bake, just like his character! “I do a really good French apple pie—the whole shebang, including the crust. And I made a couple of loaves of bread when I was visiting Kentucky, where I’m from.”

Surprise: He Loves Women’s Shoes
“I really love women’s shoes—I think they’re very sexy. So whenever I go into Bloomingdale’s, I head to the women’s shoe section and think, Hmm, maybe I’ll get my next girlfriend a pair of those.” And he doesn’t just buy for his loves: “I always buy my mom Louboutins or Jimmy Choos for her birthday. I have a pretty good sense of style, all in all. Once I figure out a woman, I know what she should wear—which comes in very handy when you have a mom and girlfriends. You can always make them happy with a nice bag or a pair of pumps.”

He Wants a ‘Feisty Girl’
“I have a Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight,” said Hutcherson. “It’s a new model designed to look like an old-school ’60s one.” And he wants a girl he can ride with: “I like feisty girls who can really hang with the guys. So, yes, she’s got to be willing to hop on the back of the steel horse! Sorry, but that’s a must.”

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  1. Omgsh Josh Hutcherson is one of my favorite actors. I love everything about him! He is soooo super hot to have a Harley Davison!!! I would ride with him any time lol.

  2. ok i would love to just sit down and talk to him he seems like the coolest guy ever PS: I would love to ride on his Harley

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