Josh adopts a puppy!

Josh’s official Facebook has updated to let his fans know that he has adopted a special needs three-month-old pit bull named Driver. A few photos have been added at and ONTD.

osh Hutcherson is a new father … of an adorable 3-month-old puppy!

toofab has confirmed the 19-year-old star of “The Hunger Games” recently adopted a special needs pit bull named Driver.

Sasha Rose from Hands Paws Hearts in Lancaster, CA tells us they rescued Driver from the Downey Animal Shelter — but before Josh could adopt him from them, the pup had to undergo surgery to repair a broken femur.

7 Comments on “Josh adopts a puppy!”

  1. Hi! Is the instagram account “Iamjoshhutcherson” real or not? Some people are saying that he only has the account “Jhutch1992” but that he later created a new one.. 🙂

  2. The little puppy has the greatest daddy to take care of it! I feel so bad Driver had to have surgery:'(.
    But now Diver has Josh to help him get strong like how Pit Bulls are supposed to be.Congrates on being a new daddy:)
    I have a rescue puppy and a Pit Bull related puppy too. They can be bffs!

  3. AW! Josh is my FAVORITE actor of all time and my bff Angelina and I both have Pit Bulls! Josh is going to be great with Diver! I hope Diver gets better! OH and Happy 16th Birthday to Connor Hutcherson (Josh’s Little Brother!) and My 11th Birthday!

  4. omg meeting josh hucherson would make me so happy because my dog max jut died and my brother is in afganistan and need someone 2 cheer me up
    i wish he was here in newark oh with me!
    any ways enjoy every moment with your pup!

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