Josh talks about his ultimate prank on ‘The Ellen Degeneres Show’ also made a short article filled with short tidbits and fun facts about Josh!

Josh Hutcherson was here to tell Ellen about two upcoming films he’s starring in — “Journey 2” and “The Hunger Games”! While he was here, we were able to find out some fun facts about him. Check it out!

Josh was born October 22nd, 1992 in Union, Kentucky. The population of Union is 5,379, which means Josh has approximately 30 Twitter followers for every 1 person in his home town.

His mom works for Delta Airlines and his dad works for the Environmental Protection Agency.

He used to have a blanket called “Yellow Blankie” that he carried with him everywhere. He didn’t say when he gave it up, but we’re guessing it must be at least a year or two ago.

He has two dogs named Diesel and Nixon.

Josh was in the movie “The Kids Are Alright.” He’s also a big supporter of the organization “Straight But Not Narrow.” You can see his YouTube video about it right here!

He’s a charming and friendly guy, and we all enjoyed his visit to the show. Let’s hope he comes back real soon!