Josh talks romance with

Age: 18

Hometown: Union, Kentucky

Where You’ll Find Him: In “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island”, with Vanessa Hudgens in theaters February 10, and then starring as Peeta in “The Hunger Games”, in theaters March 23.

On Love at First Sight: “I don’t think I’ve had love at first sight. But, I’ve definitely had moments where I’ve see a person, and I’m like, ‘Wow, there is something different about you, and I really want to get to know you.’ I haven’t really gained up the courage to talk to those girls. I still get a little nervous when talking to girls. Which is awful, and embarrassing, because I feel like I shouldn’t.”

On Peeta’s Love for Katniss: “That kind of love, I haven’t experienced, except with my family, thus far. But, I definitely look forward to the day at one point, where I get to meet a girl where I have the same love for her that I have for my family. Because, that love I have for my family is undying, unconditional. You know my little brother can get pretty hot headed sometimes, and you kind of want to punch him. But, you love them so much you’d do anything for them.”

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