Josh for another SBNN viral?

E!Online have released an article with the creators of ‘Straight But Not Narrow’ (SBNN), the organisation set to overcome homophobia and sexual stigmatising through the use of “dudes talking to dudes about dudes that like dudes”. Josh appeared for a SBNN video earlier this year and it is rumoured that he will be making another viral video with Zach Wahls. The article also explains why Josh is working with SBNN in the first place.

As for the Kids Are All Right turned Hunger Games star:

“Josh is one of those guys who’s had two gay uncles for his whole life and gay rights has always been a big part of his family in general,” Andre dished. “It was one of the things he was actually interested in doing something about in the first place, so he said yes. And it was as simple as that.”

It’s nice to hear that some up-and-coming kids care more about worthy causes than red carpet appearances!

We’re told Josh will be making another appearance in a viral video this fall, possibly alongside Zach Wahls (whom you may remember from a popular YouTube clip that featured his speech to the Iowa Congress defending gay marriage). Read more at the source.

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  1. That’s really cool that you’re helping out with SBNN. I have a few friends (a guy and two girls) that are gay and people are always judging them. It’s so wrong for people to judge!!

    It makes them self-conscious and one of my friends, “Kai” only broke up with her girlfriend (who she was so happy with) because she felt wrong, especially with everyone giving her weird looks..
    so again, thanks josh 🙂

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