Photos: Josh at Blu Jam Cafe in LA

Check out pictures of Josh at the Blu Jam Cafe

Josh was photographed a few days ago with Isabel Lucas leaving the Blu Jam Cafe in Los Angeles. Check out the pictures of the pair in the gallery.  The two actors are set to star together in the upcoming film Red Dawn.

17 Comments on “Photos: Josh at Blu Jam Cafe in LA”

  1. oow, i want to be isabel 😉 hahaha, any way, i want to be any famous girl who met josh XD hahahha?

  2. i hope isabel is a beautiful girl and cute!!! who will not hurt JOSH’s feelings!!!!

    love you josh…….

    -gElA eVaNgElIsTa- a fan of yours from philippines…!!! 🙂

  3. Super j’suis la seule Française 😉 Je représente la France ! Juste un mot d’anglais : magic <3

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