Josh Hutcherson’s Spider-Man Audition

Take a look at Josh’s test audition for the upcoming Spider Man movie. He sadly did not get the part. What are your thoughts on his audition?

10 Comments on “Josh Hutcherson’s Spider-Man Audition”

  1. In my opinion hed make a really good harry osborne…he just fits the sexy profile 🙂

  2. I agree with Carla. Josh really would have been the best choice among the final actors.
    Many because he is the only American among them. Now Spiderman is going to be British!
    An American hero is now British!!!

  3. Ohemgee! I thought his audition was amazing! It was like I was sitting in the movie theatre watching the actual final movie. I think he should of got the part. The stunts was also unbelievable!

  4. Omg thatw as kind of funny!! i cant see him playing a nerdy type of person. he would actually make a good harry poter though. a little bit. but anyway, ya that was pretty cool!

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