Josh Reveals Part of Journey 2 Plot!

It was recently reported that New Line Cinema is moving forward with a sequel to “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” but without Brendan Fraser (that could still change). Instead, the second installment will focus on Josh Hutcherson’s character.

Now in an interview with Collider, Hutcherson revealed a bit of the plot. “[They go] to a mysterious island basically,” he said. “There’s going to be some really crazy creatures and some sort of a hidden city that we have to find. That’s all I know right now.

The actor added that the plan is to begin filming in October in order to make the September 23rd, 2011 release date. Brad Peyton (Cats and Dogs 2) will direct the sequel.

Source: Collider (via WorstPreviews)

5 Comments on “Josh Reveals Part of Journey 2 Plot!”

  1. im so excited that this is going to focus more on Josh’s character! thats awesome!!! im sad that Brendan Fraser might not be in it though 🙁 he was great in the first one, and i love him! but this movie sounds really fun!! cant wait to see it!

  2. ohmygoshhhh,!! i saww the first like a hundred timess;;i cantt wait for this onee!!
    is there a characterr aboutt 5’5 blonde and almostt fifteen.?? lol’
    hopefully brenden fraser will be in itt(: hess awesomee but if hes not;;itll okayyy,,joshh iss awesomeeee,(:

  3. aw, brendan wont be in it? They said it could change; i hope it does. Well, i think this will be an interesting movie! im glad josh is still in it too. 🙂

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