Gallery Updates!

As promised, the gallery is now up to date! Check out all the new photos below. A new layout will be coming within the next few days for the main site, as well as I’ll be doing a little housecleaning to keep everything tidy and organized. Also, none of the new pictures added to the gallery will have a bar with the site’s name on them, enjoy! 😀

x9 Pictures of Josh at The Kids Are All Right Premiere

x5 Pictures of Josh at the Mia Hamm Celebrity Soccer Challenge 2010

x20 Pictures of Josh at Park City at various gift lounges

x6 Pictures of Josh at the Sundance Film Festival Gift Lounge

x2 Pictures of Josh at a Post Grammy Party

x18 Pictures of Josh at the Sundance Film Festival Portraits

x1 Photoshoot Picture of Josh shot by Tyler Shields

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  1. what the heck is he doing with that knife?!!!?making love to it?!!!!!!? it’s hot whatever it is, but the girl has gotta go! he is mine!!!!! even if he is covered in blood. i love you, josh!!!!!

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