Gallery Spam Deleted

Over the past few days my power was out due to a bad snow storm, and while I was gone spam bots decided to attack the gallery leaving over 11,000 spam comments with links that most likely lead to viruses. I have since then deleted all the spam from the gallery, but please know if you clicked any of the links in the comment section of the gallery over the past few days, you should check your computer for viruses and adware.

The storm also broke my main computer, so I’ll hopefully be getting a new one in the next few weeks and can give the site a fresh look and clean some things up. Sorry it’s taken so long, hope to be back up and running 100% soon!  Also, I just realized when deleting the gallery spam that in a little over a year, the site’s gallery has had over 1 million photos viewed! Thank you guys so much for making this site truly the best. <3

3 Comments on “Gallery Spam Deleted”

  1. thank you very much for letting us fans of josh, and I hope that Josh and his whole family is well and all people of the United States.
    I hope and will soon fix this problem and has new hope that josh and his family are well as all the people living the United States
    see you soon josh luck.
    bye love you Jenyfer.

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