Josh Will Be Answering Fan Questions!

Hey Everyone,

I would like to answer my fan questions via myspace video. All you have to do is, post your question in the comment section of this blog post. I will be answering them and posting them to my website and myspace via video on October 5th

Looking forward to answering your questions!!!!


5 Comments on “Josh Will Be Answering Fan Questions!”

  1. Do You like shy girls? ’cause i am one and i have a big crush on you because you are so cute and so handsome. I am one of your twitter followers. I get so exited when i am twittering for you. I love all of UR movies!!! UR cute!!! I wish I can marry you!!! Please Twitter!thank you. please follow me on twitter @ jessicalizbet!!!! love U so much!!!

  2. hi josh
    i’m a big fan of yours! in one of your most recent films the vampires assistant you played the baddy. what was that like? do you prefer playing the bad or good characters or both just as much?

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