How To Get Josh Hutcherson’s Attention

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  1. Hey. Josh. i was just passin by to say hi and 2 tell u that your the best.
    I lubb all your movies!!!! I <3 u.. and i hope one day u can come to SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, because u have lotz of fanz over here. LOVE always/ AMESARI<3

  2. Hi Josh….. U ROCK! It’s funny that my fave actor is starring in a film production of my fave books! I wish you could visit Essex,England. We huge fans in England!

  3. hey just passin to say hi’ you’re my inspiration and i hope soon i realize that you’re so highg to reach of just an ordinary girl who’s half of her life is you,you’re a good actor for all,even i didn’t yet meeting but still,hpoe you can read this comment and try to reply it in my ym!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. hii:) I have always wanted to meet you since the beginning, but it probably will never happen. You are an inspiration to me and I CANNOT wait until march 23rd when the Hunger Games come out!! I have read all of the books and freaked out when I found out that you were playing my favorite character Peeta! So yeah I’m definately one of your biggest fans and I’m always here for your support. LOVE ALWAYS <3

  5. hey josh i just wanted to say hi and that you are the best. ive always wanted to meet you but i know its never going to happen i really want to be a singer/actress and hopefully if i get there one day i will be able to meet you.

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