Josh’s Movie Winged Creatures (Fragments) Out August 4

Josh’s movie now called Fragments, based on the book Winged Creatures will be out on DVD August 4. You can read about the DVD and its bonus features here. Who’s getting a copy? 😉

7 Comments on “Josh’s Movie Winged Creatures (Fragments) Out August 4”

  1. YAY ! Am gonna get it of the american eBay since i live in the UK x I have seen the trailer , it looks boss ! x 🙂

  2. I have to wait till the 28 of september because i am in the uk and i havnt got a multi region dvd player. 🙁 I am still going to get it tho, as soon as li can.:)

  3. dude! its been out for a while!!! i have been waiting two freakin years for the movie to come out, so i have been typing like the wind looking for the movie “Winged Creatures” but all this time, all we had to do was type in fragments!
    the movie is coming in the mail tomorrow, and i am for sure watching it 3 times in a row. (=
    Josh is my inspiration…

  4. Ashleigh , i live in the UK too . i think you can get it off amazon in Region 2 for about 20 pounds . X

  5. when is this site going to put the screencaptures of Josh In winged creatures online ? xx

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