Happy Easter!

How’s it goin? Spring Break just ended for my brother. He and his best friend came out to L.A. and we had a blast. We did all kinds of “touristy” stuff that you don’t do when you live here, but his friend had never been here before. So, we went to the Hollywood sign, Santa Monica pier, and that kind of stuff but we also went to Disneyland, Magic Mountain and a Galaxy game (they tied). I put a few pictures on here from this week. Oh, we also did the I-fly at Universal CityWalk. It’s like indoor skydiving. It was a blast. I’ll upload a video sometime. It’s pretty cool. Your face does all kinds of weird things from the wind blowing on it. It’s pretty funny looking. Not too much new going on. It’s really slow right now for movies and projects but as soon as the next thing comes along I’ll let you know. Oh and I did play in another charity basketball game last weekend. Right now I’d say that basketball is my favorite sport. Guess that’s it for now. So, take care and I’ll talk to you soon.