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How’s it goin? I just started a new movie this week called “Carmel”. It’s an independent film about art forgery. Hayden Panettiere, Alfred Molina and Lauren Bacall are all in it too. I’ve been playing tons of basketball and golf. I actually got to play Pebble Beach on Saturday. That was amazing (even if I didn’t have a very good game at all). Things are going good and I’m having a blast. I absolutely love what I do and it’s great to be working so I’m very happy. We’re having a BBQ so I gotta run but I’ll get some pics up sometime soon of filming. Take care.

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  1. always good to see josh doing another movie. He’s lucky getting to play at pebble beach! wish i could play there!

  2. I wish i could be in a movie i think that it would be really kool!!!!!!!!!!!!
    but i love watching josh hutcherson movies there the best ones to watch!!!!!

  3. Hey Josh!! I’m going to be an extra in Carmel the movie!! I am going to be in the scene at Sunset Center on the 13th and 14th. I am soo exited to see you and really would like to meet you!!

    I am so so lucky that I live in Carmel. I also have a house in Pebble Beach, so I am definitely VERY lucky:)

    Well, see you Friday and Saturday!!

  4. I’m leavin Carmel tomorrow… UGH!
    I wish we didn’t have to leave… : /
    And… I went to taut mission that u were shooting the movie at… It was cool!
    Too bad it was raning… UGH!

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