Josh on MTV Cribs!

You can watch Josh on MTV Cribs below. Screencaps are in the gallery here.

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13 Comments on “Josh on MTV Cribs!”

  1. arrrrghh im so annoyed! This wasnt shown in th UK and because i dont live in the US i cant watch it on here or anywhere!

  2. me neither i wonder what time and day it plays in canada because i checked at 12 on sat. 17 and it wasn’t on i also checked other times on that day ugh i’m so mad

  3. hi!!! i live in are my favorite actor. i speak spanisinglish. i see the video, it`s very very wapo ( amazing) bye espero ke actu pronto je je

  4. dang!!!
    i recorded it so i can watch it whenever i want to!!!
    the only thing i didnt like was the fact that they put a comersial right in the middle!!!!

  5. hola!
    my idol really looks cool…..sobra!(so much)
    i live in kentucky and still leaning french!
    bon jour!anyway,me llamo eunice ann

  6. Hey guys for those who cant watch it because of your country go on youtube and someone posted it. Or at least it works for canada but does anyone know were i can get the deleted scences?

  7. you are really amazing in all your movies………
    but my most favorite movies of yours is bridge to terebithia together with Sophia Robb shes pretty too!!!!
    Im your no. 1 fan!!!!!!!!

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