Josh on MTV Cribs

MTV Cribs

Just an update:

MTV Cribs will air on MTV on January 17th. The time varies so check your local listings. It’s MTV Teen Cribs.

Hopefully you can check it out!

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  1. how does she not know what cribs is? cribs is a tv show on mtv that shows celebritie’s houses. i luv it

  2. Cribs is like the best thing. BTW, i decided with my friend Sara that we would wanna live in Kentucky when we’re older. And i’d totally love to see you. I might get a chance cuz i live in LA, but I’m not famous, my dad’s work told us to live there. I’m 15. Bye xx

  3. OMG!!!!! i can’t wait until the 17th, the only problem is that i have plans…..SO i will record it so i have a chance to watch it!!!!!!!
    why would you want to move to Kentucky?
    i mean i live in Idiana and i much rather live in LA, its too cold here!!!!!!

  4. Ahhhh I just saw the comercial for teen cribs on Saturday! Josh was wearing his red obey shirt from the dance at arena photoshoot :O

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