Josh in New Movie: Carmel

CARMEL, Calif. – The Monterey Peninsula has become the backdrop for a new feature film called “Carmel.” The four week filming schedule began Tuesday Morning at the Carmel Mission.

Stars of the film include rising star Josh Hutcherson (Journey to the Center of the Earth), Alfred Molina, and Lauren Bacall.

Being filmed in “Clint Eastwood territory”, both Dina and Scott Eastwood will also have roles in the film.

The film follows the story of a 16-year-old boy (Hutcherson) who falls into the wrong crowd and becomes involved in art forgery. According to the film’s synopsis, the boy is then befriended by a retired artist in Carmel who traces her career back to the early days of Carmel artists, writers and other creative types.

Tuesday’s filming was the first visit to Carmel for Hutcherson. The young actor praised the local community, saying, “Everybody’s behind this (film)… it would be impossible to make a film like this on such a low budget if we didn’t have the support from the community… and we totally do!”

In between filming movie scenes, Hutcherson says, “I’m a big golfer so I’m excited to go golfing… I got to go to Pebble!”

The director of “Carmel” is a local filmmaker, Lawrence Roeck. Roeck grew up in Pebble Beach and Carmel and is receiving help from his writing partner Carlos De Lo Rios, also a Central Coast local.

The movie will be filmed in the 35mm format, as is scheduled for a theatrical release.

The film may still have available space for extras. For more information, contact the casting director, Hannah Smith-Walker at

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