Josh at the Mia Hamm Soccer Game & New Layout

Josh wrote on his Myspace Blog about the soccer game he played in, and also added some pictures. You can see the pictures in the gallery here, and read his blog below. We also have a new layout! Hope you like it. 😀


So today I played in the Mia Hamm/Nomar Garciaparra Celebrity soccer game. I have to say, it may have been the most amazing experience I’ve had yet. As much as I love soccer, for me to get to play with Mia Hamm, Brandi Chastain, MLS players, gold medalists, I mean, that’s just a dream come true. It was awesome. I actually scored a goal! But, my team lost. Oh well. I’ll get some pics up soon from the event. I met some really nice and cool people. Tony Hawk was great and so was Donald Faison (Scrubs). Connor got to warm up with us which was really cool for him. Gotta run. Talk to you later.

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  1. did anyone even go? cause in the bleachers in the pics there all empty and i couldnt find the amount of money they raised so i dont think lots of people went. which sucks cause it was a great cause and i would have went but i live in canada:(

  2. Adorei ter visto as fotos do Josh jogando.
    Além de ser um excelente ator, é também um excelente jogador de futebol.

    I Love Futebol!
    I Love Josh Hutcherson!

  3. aaah esqueci de mais uma coisa,
    além do que eu falei do Josh ele é solidario.
    jogou por uma causa nobre.

    Tem um garoto mais perfeito, lindo e maravilhoso como ele?

    I Love Josh Hutcherson!

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