Watch Josh Hutcherson in Little Manhattan All Weekend!

Josh’s first big movie, Little Manhattan, is going to be on TV in the USA this weekend! You can Watch Little Manhatton on the LMN Channel TONIGHT at 8:00. It will also be shown on Saturday and Sunday! This is a great chance to see the movie if you haven’t bought it or seen it yet!

8 Comments on “Watch Josh Hutcherson in Little Manhattan All Weekend!”

  1. Thats kool i am most likely going to watch it tonight cause i havent seen it yet and ive seen ALL of his other movies!!!!!!

  2. Hey! Saw it each night. Oh and tonight. Jan 1, RV is on at 10 pm it was on this morning at 10 Am also. It’s on TBS if you want to post about it.

  3. Thanks for the info, Brittany! Sadly my internet was down ALL yesterday and so I missed it and the opportunity to post about it. 🙁 Thanks again, though.

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