Josh’s Weird Habit

Thanks to Lander for the heads up! Popstar Magazine recently interviewed Josh and got him to spill one of his weird habits. You can click the screencap below to go watch the video. What do you think of Josh’s weird habit?!

5 Comments on “Josh’s Weird Habit”

  1. Hah! No problem!

    I think its really.. I don’t like it when people crack their knuckles and stuff
    But I heard it relaxes you?
    I read people’s comments on YouTube

    But impressive because it is quite loud, my friends do it all the time and not as loud!

  2. i kind of heard you crack your neck!!
    i kinda have the same habit i crack my neck a lot and i can hear i just dont know if anyone else can hear it BUT oh well!!!

  3. thats funny cause i can craxk my neck too but i’m not sure how loud. but i can hear it everyday

  4. I can pop my neck really loud, too!!!! That is really funny that Josh can do that!! I can hardly hear him, but if he says that it is loud, it must be lound.

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