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Josh posted a new blog on Myspace answering some questions that come up a lot. Read it, it answers some questions that a lot of you all ask as well. 🙂

Hey just thought I’d take a minute to answer some questions that come up a lot. I am homeschooled now and I’m in the 11th grade. Its cool because it’s really easy with my schedule and I can work ahead when I have the time. I’m driving now, which is so AWESOME!! The next movie that I have coming out is, (good question), I don’t know. They haven’t picked a release date yet for either Cirque du Freak or Winged Creatures. I am single right now and having a lot of fun with my friends, but that could change at any time. Umm…I’m not sure what the next movie that I’m doing is, but as soon as I know, I’ll let you know. Oh, the other day, I got to do a ridealong in the RedBull drifter car. THAT WAS AWESOME! I’ll get some pics up soon. That’s about it for now. I’m heading out to see the new James Bond movie so I’ll talk to you later.

Also, a scan of Josh in December 2008’s Tiger Beat Magazine has been added to the gallery here.

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  1. Hey Josh,
    That is soo great that your driving now.
    i hope you have fun with it! lol
    and i never knew you were homeschooled 😛
    well now i know .. lol
    i hope you are having fun and living your dream

    Take Care!

  2. Hey josh!
    i am homeschooled to!!! I LOVE IT!!
    i live on a ranch in texas…… if yur ever down here… come see me!!!!!!
    thats awesome yur driving! have fun and be safe!

  3. Hi Josh,
    That is so cool that you are homeschooled!!! I am homedschooled too!! I live on a ranch in Oregon. I hope I can see you someday.
    That is really cool that you are driving. Have fun and drive safe.

  4. Hi Josh,
    I think its cool that ur homeschooled. im not homeschooled, I go to Norwell Middle School and i live in Ossian. Its a small town in Northern Indiana!!!
    I wish i could drive but im only 13, but thats ok.
    Hope you hjave fun driving!!!

  5. i got the magazine
    hopefully you’ll be in more magazines josh
    love ya !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ola.
    josh sou uma fa brasileira cara voce e muito perfeito amo seus trabalhos como tambem jah assisti todos ;E voce estava muito lindo neste ultimo filme ,e tambem participo de todas as sua comus viu I’LOVE JOSH

    E espero respostas viu ! bjos amo pakas ;

  7. It is so cool that you can drive!! I love to drive, even though i’m not old enough to. Well at least i can in two years.

    Luv,your Favorite Fan

  8. heyy Josh,

    omg u are mii favorite actor u is so sexxi!! haha so im just gessing, but u like to drive? lol. well good luck on dat single thing. im sure ur gonna find da right girl soom. i to am an actress, but more onstage. just finished a play and im so excited for the next one. but just wanted to let u kno tht u are an AMAZING actor and to keep it up. luv u -Savannah

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