Winged Creatures Review & St. Jude Pictures

A review of Winged Creatures has been posted on the Internet. Josh is mentioned for his performance with Dakota Fanning. Here is another article saying Winged Creatures will be released in March 2009. You can read the full article and chat about it on our forums here.

“In the climactic scene, which is really a scene between her and (her 12-year-old co-star) Josh Hutcherson, she had to deliver in a very gut-wrenching emotional way that most mature-age actors would be very nervous about, and she just knocked the scene out of the park.

“You just look at Dakota and Josh and the way they stand up in this movie compared to all their other films and it just takes your breath away.”

New pictures of Josh at Target Variety’s Power of Youth for St. Jude’s has been added to the gallery in high quality. You can check them out here.

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