Josh Replies to Birthday Book & New Gallery Layout!

Josh contacted me today to say thanks to everyone for the Birthday Book! You can read what he wrote below. Woo!


It’s actually Josh here. I just wanted to say that when I was home over the weekend I got the birthday project book that you put together. It was so cool! It’s awesome that there are so many people that support me in what I do and wanted to wish me a Happy Birthday. Thanks for taking the time put it all together. It’s something that really meant a lot to me. It always sounds corny, but, it’s the truth. I couldn’t do what I do without the support of fans and people who love movies. So, thanks again!


Also…the site’s gallery has been updated with a new layout! I thought it was needed, as the old layout had been up for almost 2 months AND the gallery recently passed over 200,000 pictures viewed! I hope you like the new layout, let me know what you think. 🙂

6 Comments on “Josh Replies to Birthday Book & New Gallery Layout!”

  1. It looks awesome Sam!!

    I’m glad he liked the book so much! I didn’t get a chance to contribute to it, but I’m happy he liked it!

  2. Wow it looks awesome!
    And I’m so glad that he liked the book.
    That means he must’ve read my message 😀
    Thanks Sam!
    You’ve done a great job with the site!

  3. hey its shanice i just wanted to say im glad u love the book i put in like fifty messages in there and liked it!your eyes are beautyfull and ur hair is AWSOME!!LOVE YA!!!!


    hey no need to be weird and all but ur eyes r just sooooo cute lol im pretty weird… im not obsessed but im jus like thaT!!!bye bye!!!

    hey wat up its laken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ur awesome i hrt u so much ur the best celebrity i ever knew in my life!!!!!!!!!!!! i hrt u

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