Journey to the Center of the Earth on DVD in 5 Days!

Are you ready?! Josh’s latest movie, Journey to the Center of the Earth comes out on DVD in just 5 days! Reviews of the DVD are already going up, and it sounds and looks pretty amazing! There have been some new Promotional Images from the movie which I’ve added to our gallery here.

Be sure to keep checking back for more Journey updates. Don’t forget to get your copy of Journey on DVD or Blu Ray on October 28th. On Tuesday we’ll have screencaps from the movie, the DVD extras (including Being Josh) and scans from the Journey Calendar and Trading Cards, as well as High Quality screencaps from some of Josh’s other movies!

13 Comments on “Journey to the Center of the Earth on DVD in 5 Days!”

  1. Dan, Journey will be in anaglyph (Red/Blue) on DVD, as its impossible to play Real D on DVD Players as it needs to projection thingies. :]

  2. Ahhh, great, so it won’t be anywhere near as cool as it was in theaters. =[ Thanks for the info.

  3. I know 🙁 I guess its better than nothing though. 🙂

    Ive looked at some of the pictures in 3D and its done pretty well. 3D Technology has come far, so it surely wont be as crappy as the old 3D movies 😛

  4. Well, I saw Hannah Montana in 3-D in theaters with my sister (wow there were a lot of screaming little girls) and it was pretty cool. But then I saw it on TV when it was in red and blue and it was pretty bad. I’m just hoping Journey is better, it was such an amazing movie 😮

  5. Hmm, I actually just saw the commercial for the movie. They showed the glasses and they looked like they were red and green, not red and blue…that’s weird.

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