Journey on DVD Countdown: 20 Days!

Count down the days until Journey to the Center of the Earth comes out on DVD with one of our countdown clocks! Grab a clock here. There are three designs at the moment. You can put them on your Myspace, other social networking site, or your website! See the page for details.

Start Counting Down Now!

Please report any errors with the countdown clocks here…they’ve been a bit buggy with the wrong dates on my computer, so if any of you are experiencing similar problems let me now so I can fix them! 😀

2 Comments on “Journey on DVD Countdown: 20 Days!”

  1. yeeey count down!:)
    hey do you now when its gonna come out Winged Creatures in mexico?

  2. Gabriela, we dont know when Winged Creatures will come out in the US yet, either. It should be in March. A date in Mexico hasnt even been mentioned yet, sorry!

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