Josh attends the Quarantine Premiere

Josh attended the premiere for the new movie Quarantine today! He was with Victoria Justice again. 12 High Quality pictures and 5 Medium Quality pictures have been added to the gallery. You can see the HQs here. More HQs will come soon! The medium quality pictures are here. Please credit You can chat about the pics on our forums here.

10/11/08 – 7 New HQ Pics have been added.

Also if you’ve applied to be an affiliate within the past month I sadly have not gotten your email! The e-mail on the affiliate form wasn’t working and I just realized it. Please resubmit your request so I can add you to the affiliate list ASAP!

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  1. hey! amazing, great pictures
    I finally have the books of cirque du freak and i going to start to read today!
    this weekend i going to see Little Manhattan and Zathura

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