Soccer Match Video and Pictures!

Pictures and a video of Josh playing a soccer match in Italy have been posted! Pictures have been added to the gallery, which got to over 100,000 HITS! I’m so proud (:D) I hope you all love the gallery and keep viewing, I’ve got a lot of good stuff in store. x Italian soccer pics and pictures from Josh’s trip to Italy in general are here.

There is also a video of Josh actually playing soccer so that you can see him in action! Check it out below on youtube. Screencaps have been added to the gallery in their own place here.

I’d also like to thank Ragazzi E Cinema again for all these amazing pictures and video of Josh’s trip! They are so nice to have let us fans know about the pics. Thanks so much, you guys are great!

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  1. Josh it was brilliant! He is a sportman:D Let’s go Josh. And Come to my home. Sam , thank you the informations, it’s great.

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