New Photoshoot, Premiere, Terabithia Pics & More!

Eep, there are just TOO many pictures to add! 😆  I’m slowly getting all the pics up, so please bear with me. 😀 4 HQ Bridge to Terabithia Stills and 1 Promo Pic have been added to the gallery.  Some of them are new (I haven’t seen them on other sites, so they’re new to be released :P) You can see the Bridge to Terabithia Pictures here.

44 Pictures of Josh in a 2007 photoshoot have also been added to the gallery. Sadly, they are heavily tagged, but it’s impossible to get them untagged. 🙁 The photos are really retouched too, which is sad because Josh doesn’t need it! You can see the new photoshoot pics here.

Also, thanks to Faye for some awesome new HQ pictures of Josh in Journey to the Center of the Earth and a hilarious picture of Josh and Brendan at the premiere! You can see the stills here and the premiere pic here.