New Blog and Pictures!

Josh has added 3 new pictures from his trip to Italy to his Myspace. They have been added to the gallery right here!

He also posted a new blog about his trip, meeting a former co star and more!

Well I’m back from Italy. It was so awesome. I went there to attend an event for Ragazzi e Cinema which is a non-profit organization that works with young people who enjoy the arts. They have a great program and were awesome hosts to me and my family. I’ve put some pics up here on myspace and I’ll add some more later when I have time. Some of the best parts of our trip were, going to an AC Milan game (they won), shopping in Milan and seeing amazing sights in Rome. Also, Beatrice, Dario and Guido were our main hosts and they couldn’t have been nicer or more fun. Italy is beautiful. I also got to see Francesco, who was in Kicking & Screaming. He was one of the Italian soccer players in the movie. I hadn’t seen him in over 4 years so that was really cool. We had a great time and now I’m getting caught up on sleep. So take care and have a look at some of the pics. Cya.

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