Josh’s Italy Trip Pictures!

Many thanks to Maria & Ragazzi E Cinema for putting up some awesome pictures of Josh before a soccer match in Italy! Josh played right winger in the match. There are 26 pictures of Josh at the event. You can see all the pictures of Josh here.

5 Comments on “Josh’s Italy Trip Pictures!”

  1. Hello
    Josh is great! Sam, do you know that When josh come in Hungary?? If you know it write, please.
    And Sam do you want to my site sister??? Please!!:)
    What is your email adress?? I want to write some email for you and I want to that you ask this emails.
    Gratulation for your site. This is the best site of Josh!!

  2. I was there! Josh was so lovely and kind! I was a bit far from him, but I saw him and I ran to him, he was looking at me like “OMG What the hell does she want from me”, I was a little scared but I asked something like “Hey Are you having a great time in Italy” And he said “Yes it’s amazing, thank you”. He was amazing, he thanked everyone.

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