Josh Plays Soccer Match in Italy

Thanks to Mario for letting me know that Josh played a soccer match today while on vacation in Italy! He played for Ragazzi E Cinema FC, or roughly translated BOYS AND CINEMA FC. Apparently Josh’s team lost to the POLISPORTIVA BARZANO 2 to 1. (I could have this wrong, I’m not perfect at Italian. :P)

Expect some awesome pictures and videos of Josh playing the soccer match soon!

I’ve added a picture of the poster promoting the soccer match with Josh to the gallery, thanks again to Mario, our source straight from the games himself. 😀

3 Comments on “Josh Plays Soccer Match in Italy”

  1. All right 😉 He played right winger.
    At this moment we haven’t pictures about the soccer match, but we already published some pictures about yesterday show with Josh. Soon we will publish all the images of his trip here.

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