Josh In Italy Updates!

Thanks to Ragazzi E Cinema for letting us know Josh will be quite busy on his trip to Italy! We hope he still has a nice vacation. 😉 From their website:

Doesn’t stop the tour of Italy of the young american actor Josh Hutcherson with the association “Ragazzi e Cinema”. After visiting some cities of northern Italy, playing a soccer match with the association’s team, joining the show “Bentornato Ragazzi e Cinema” in Oggiono, and seeing at Meazza stadium his favourite Serie A team A.C. Milan beating 4-1 Lazio, Josh is going to the Capitol Rome. He will visit the city, and take part in a press conference in the prestigious “Casa del Cinema” in Villa Borghese, with the most important italian magazines, “Max”, “XL”, “Gioia”, “Il venerdi di Repubblica” and “Teen”, to talk about his new movie “Journey through the center of the earth”.

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  1. Hey Sam! I get some of those magazines cuz im italian obviously but if you want I could scan you some pages of the interview.

    Let me know;)


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