Josh Hutcherson Birthday Book – Pictures!

This is an update for the Birthday Book that everyone submitted entries for here on Josh-H.Com! I’ve uploaded 10 pictures of the birthday book into the gallery. You can see them here. I put up some pictures of the actual scrapbook, and then some pictures of the best entries. Everyone that submitted an entry did a fantastic job, and I’m sure Josh will love them! The book should arrive to Josh within a few days, so it definitely will get there in time–perhaps a bit too early! 😛

see all the pics.

Also, an update to the Contact Josh page. Someone close to Josh has let me know the address for his fan club in Kentucky has been FIXED! Some people were getting their letters returned earlier this year, but this has all been sorted out! Feel free to send mail to Josh at his Kentucky address once again.

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  1. Yay! It’s really pretty! How many pages roughly were there?! Mine hopefully is in! How did you make it? Was it not expenmsive for like all the ink and stuff? Great job! I hope he reads mine!

  2. Thanks Briony! There were lots of entries, some of which I combined to fit on one page because the scrapbook only came with 20 pages! I had to buy ANOTHER scrapbook, take the pages out of it and put them together to fit them all! It cost me about $30 to get all the stuff and mail it, so you can judge if thats expensive or not. xD

    Jamie, I don’t know Josh. It wasn’t a friend of Josh that told me the address works. I don’t want to say who they are, for their privacy and because if I did people would constantly be asking for their e-mail, etc. So, it should be private and it will be staying that way 😀

    And Olivia your entry was really great! I loved it. <3 And thank you!

  3. Awesome! That must have taken awhile xD Did mine have to get combined? Great job anyway! Btw you were really smart to come up with ssuch a great idea like this! And thanks again for giving me the chance to say my message to Josh!! xx

  4. Well Briony, what email address was it sent from? I can check because I should be able to remember. 🙂 I can also probably tell you if it was near the front or not xD

    Most entries were combined, unless it was an extremely long letter which five or so people did.

  5. Entries were not put Everyones entry was kept as theirs. But if your entry was one line or to, I cut it out all by itself and included others with it.

    Like you can see here. There are two pieces of paper there, that is a page with two entries combined into one page.

    Everyone could have up to one page, but if your entry was “hey josh happy bday” etc it would be terrible tow aste an entire page on just that, so I put more than one to a page to save paper.

  6. No proiblem 🙂

    Did you ask about the scar on Josh’s hand, too? Because it isn’t recent–there are pictures of it in stills for Bridge to Terabithia I saw today 😉

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