Dakota Fanning “Instensely Jealous” Of Josh Hutcherson

Josh was mentioned in an article about the upcoming movie Winged Creatures. The main article was about the movie company deeming an actor ugly, black and unbankable. However…further along they started talking about Dakota Fanning and how she was so jealous of Josh Hutcherson on the set! Also it is revealed Winged Creatures should be released in MARCH of 2009! Read below…

Woods said his high profile cast was a pleasure to work with except for teenage starlet Dakota Fanning, who could be a diva on the set.

She initially refused to come out of her trailer on day one of shooting because her scene wasn’t filmed first, and was “intensely jealous” of her young co-star Josh Hutcherson.

“(Fanning) was the only one who was naughty.”

Woods said while he thinks Fanning is a fine actor, on this film she didn’t hit the mark.

“She is a gorgeous girl … but she was the disaster,” he said.

“There was something about her presence that wasn’t ringing true.

“Most of our work was cutting her scenes and a lot of her scenes were cut.”

Winged Creatures is due for a March 2009 release in the US with Australia to follow shortly after.


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