3 New Behind the Scenes Pictures

I have haded 3 new Behind the Scenes Pictures of Josh at Child’s Magazine Runway and filming Bridge to Terabithia today to the gallery. You can see the Child Magazine Runway pictures here and the Bridge to Terabithia picture here.

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  1. Hey Josh,
    I think you are a great actor…I am very excited for Cirque Du Freak and Winged Creatures, I have started reading Cieque Du Freak…those books are really good…I am not just saying that, I really like those kinds of books! I am excited for the movie! I know you will be awesome in it! Journey to the center of the Earth was a great movie!! bridge to Terabithia made me cry…you most likely hear that a lot! Your character was great in those movies! Also I recently saw Little Manhattan, that was a cute movie! Well anyway, I am sure you will be absolutley amazing in the movies that are coming out and your future movies you will be starring in!


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