Journey to the Center of the Earth Trailer – Extreme HQ! + Photoshoots

Screencaps from the very HQ Journey to the Center of the Earth Trailer (1920 x 1056 pixels!) have been added to the gallery. There are 50 in all. I personally capped these, so if you use them on another site please credit Josh Hutcherson Source. :] Thanks. There are also 3 pictures from Bridge to Terabithia now in the gallery as well.


Also, in Photoshoots, I’ve uploaded pictures from Josh’s 2005, 2006, and 2008 photoshoots! Take a look.

  • 20 Pictures from 2006 Photoshoot [link]
  • 24 Pictures from 2005 Photoshoot [link]
  • 4 Pictures from 2008 [link]

This also brings the gallery pretty much up to date. If you have any Josh pictures you’d like to donate to the site, comment or e-mail me! Thanks.