Journey 3D Premiere Pics, Graphics Update

6 MQ Pictures from the Journey to the Center of the Earth Premiere were added to the Josh Hutcherson Online Gallery. Check them out, because a few are new and are exclusives. (: The gallery will be getting big updates over the next few days as we upload all the pictures.

Josh Hutcherson PicsJosh Hutcherson Journey to the Center of the Earth PicsJosh Hutcherson Picture

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The Graphics Section is up, along with 5 icons and 1 signature. Expect more graphics over the next few days!

Josh also posted a new blog on his official Myspace page. Check it out below!

Hey hows it goin? Vacation in Hawaii is over (bummer) but it was so awesome. We got to do some pretty cool stuff. We took a boat around the island of Lanai and stopped and snorkeled a few different places while we were there. We also did a zipline thing at Kaanapali. There’ll be some pictures up kinda soon.

Just wanted to say something because there are more questions and comments about this than anything else. I’ve already talked about it but people keep asking. I have NO OTHER MYSPACE sites. Yes, I know there are some out there that look real and they even copy my blogs but if you’ll just go to you can link to the ONLY real myspace site and it’s this one (of course now you’ll read this blog on one of the fake sites, but just go to and this is the ONLY one you’ll get to). I also don’t have any other sites, including youtube, msn, forums, ANYTHING. If you’re talking to someone that says they’re me, they’re not, I promise. I blog on here (it gets copied to other places) and that’s pretty much it. I read through some of the comments when I can, but someone else takes care of this site for the most part because unfortunately I just don’t have time to do it and keep up with everything else. I prefer to be outside doing stuff when I have time, not doing stuff on the computer. I’m not sure why after I’ve written about this before, people still believe other sites are mine or that they’re talking to me. It’s frustrating because I don’t want someone else saying stuff that might not be the way I am or whatever. I hope this makes sense and I really hope this clears it up for everyone. So, nuff said about that.
Things are going pretty good and I hope that you guys keep checking back for updates. I really appreciate all the support that I get from everyone. It means a ton and I hope you keep having an awesome summer. Later. Josh