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Whats up? Not too much here. I just got a new racing dirt bike and its freakin awesome. Its a KTM. I went riding today and pretty much beat the crap out of it but it was fun. Okay, good movies…well, you have to see Step Brothers. It was hilarious. And we went to the mountains the other day with some friends of the family and we ended up watching Transformers and I always forget how much I love that movie..kind of random but whatever.

Answers to a couple of questions…first of all, I don’t know when Winged Creatures is coming out. I was really excited to see the trailer. It’s a pretty intense movie but it was awesome to act in. Another answer, I finished Cirque du Freak in June and not sure when it’s coming out either but it looks like its going to be awesome from what I can tell.

Guess thats it for now. Heading out to play airsoft. Cya later.
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